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This is the portal for information for several agency wide cooprative efforts, industry porfessionals and regulators to

Mission Statement

The Body Art Education Alliance (BAEA) is a group of like-minded organizations and individuals dedicated to developing resources and programs to educate regulators, body artists, industry members, and the general public on the practices and policies surrounding body art, body art studios, and body art studio inspections in order to protect public health.

Partnership Statement

Throughout this initiative, NEHA has worked with the NEHA Body Art Committee, the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) Body Art Committee, and the Body Art Education Alliance (BAEA), all of which consist of environmental health professionals and industry experts from around the country. The work done by these committees has exposed the absence of training resources for environmental health professionals who conduct body art facility inspections.

Collaboration between NEHA, the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO), and the Body Art Education Alliance (BAEA) allows for building common understanding and development of resources and guidance for both body artists and regulators. The diversity of members and experiences from the committees will help ensure achievable regulations and awareness of new practices and materials.

BAEA Mission Statement

The AFDO Body Art Committee will identify current issues in body art material manufacturing, labeling and use. Through a process of collaboration, discussion and sharing the Body Art Committee will create documents that are useful to regulated industries, regulatory agencies and academic institutions, worldwide

Committee Charges: Calls to Action

Charge 1

Develop agenda for the Body Art Committee track at the AFDO Annual Educational Conference.

Charge 2

Develop and put into action, with the assistance of the AFDO Office, a web based portal for information related to body art safety, regulation and other issues of importance to the body art community.

Charge 3

Complete Color Additive Petition for Titanium Dioxide to be used in Intradermal Tattooing

Charge 4

Support the BAEA in creation of training materials for the body art industry and creation of other

documents as needed.

Charge 5

Tattoo Ink and PMU Sterilization Standard of Best Practices

Charge 6

Color Additive Petition for Carbon Black to be used in Intradermal Tattooing.

Charge 7

Develop basic guidance for consumers considering a Body Art procedure.

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